This page is set aside for members who wish to offer services, items for sale, trade, to give away, or items they are looking for. Fiber events and classes that are shared with the group are posted here as well for reference. Please contact the posted website for official information regarding events not sponsored by Bishop Hill Fiber Guild.


Group or Private
Hourly or All Day Seminar
Instructors: Tom Svihla and Janet Daum
All day seminars are geared to the beginning spinner. The seminars will be $75 and will run from 9 am to 4 pm. Drinks and refreshments are provided but bring your own lunch. The seminar will cover the following:

  • spinning wheel – parts, function, tuning, and maintenance
  • a brief talk about fiber preparation (this could be a class of its own.)
  • types of fiber, their uses, and methods of spinning
  • different methods and techniques of plying fiber will be covered

We will be doing a lot of hands-on spinning. If you already have a spinning wheel, bring it with you. A limited number of wheels will be available for use if you do not have your own. The only prerequisite is you come prepared to have lots of fun, meet new friends, and learn a new skill or improve your current spinning.

Individual or small group hour lessons are $25 for a 2 hour lesson per person and will cover whatever you wish to learn.

Space is limited so call today to arrange a lesson or attend a seminar.

Tom Svihla & Janet Daum
652 W. Washington
Lewistown, IL 61542


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If anyone is interested in the following they can contact me by email at or phone 309-224-0696. I can also provide pictures of all items. Transportation can be arraigned for delivery of the loom if you do not have a truck or large van.

  • A castle/parlor wheel that can handle up to very bulky yarn or can be used for plying. This wheel also works well $250.
  • A Custom 58″ Kessenich loom. It has 8 harnesses, locking treadles, a castle shelf/box, add on sectional beam, stainless steal (SS) headels, SS 8, 10 & 12 dent reeds, an adjustable bench with storage and some weaving supplies. This loom without the sectional beam and bench sells new for just under $6000. I am asking $2500.


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